This is where I intermittently keep a record of things in my life and share my two cents. You can also see my Ancient History for details of 'who I am'.

      Recent History (a.k.a. 21st Century)

Record of 2002.

March 2005. Well I have finally turned 21, I was the last of all my friends. Nothing's changed though, but then it never really does on a birthday like you think it might. Had a great birthday and a great party thanks to all the people who turned up. (Yay I do have friends, hehe).
My drawing came in handy for something recently which is always fantastic. As you can see from a previous entry, and well lots of my drawings, I am a big Buffy and Angel fan. So when my brother showed me a competition in which I could win all the Buffy and Angel DVDs by drawing, I was stoked. Even better I won. So Happy! (You can see it here if you're interested).
I also won again in my local art show, but considering there aren't many entries in pencil in a small town show, I think I should try and prove my mettle in a larger competition. I'd better watch out though I might get a big head! :oP

August 2004. Wow, it has been a while... I have just added a few more portraits I hadn't had time to post, and there are a few more on the way. I also have commission work lined up 'til the end of the year, so there should be some more updates in 2004.
This is the year for 21st birthdays, just like three years ago I had 18th birthday parties every weekend. I think I've had at least 2 months solid of partying.
This is my final semester in my Psych. degree (wow did that fly past). Next year I'm getting a job and saving like crazy so Matt and I can travel Europe for a couple of months in September/ October, (btw, if anyone knows the best places to visit can you let me know). I'm already excited about it, it'll be even better when we start organising it all, but maybe not as good, when we start spending all our money. Backpacking around Europe, never imagined it'd be me!

April 2003. You know that feeling, that horrible feeling when a program you love is not going to be made anymore. They're just not going to film another episode, and the fans are left to ponder what might have happened. Then there's that other feeling where you know it's time for the show to finish, because it would be even worse if the show started to get crap, instead of finishing when it was still on a high note. Because you see, Buffy is in it's final season, and it's the best show on earth, and soon I'll never see a new episode of Buffy again. Despite the fact that I'll be able to watch the seasons over and over after the show's demise, the tingly feeling you get of not knowing how the episode will end will be lost forever. So for all those who enjoyed Buffy as much as I did, or any great show that was axed, I'd like to take a moment's silence, and remember the great moment's in the place we know as the buffy-verse. 
Please note: I am not an obsessed weirdo or anything, but this was a great show that I'll miss like, well like a lost limb, no wait, I'm not obsessed, really....

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Ancient History (a.k.a. 20th Century)

    I was born in suburban Victoria (that's in the great land of Oz a.k.a Australia,) I have lived in the one beautiful house all my life. I have grown up with my older brother, 24, and my younger sister, recently 18. The youngest in the family are currently 11 and 9 years old.


(LEFT) The blonde is our dog Bailey and (RIGHT) My sister's rats Eden and Fawn.


(LEFT) Jasper, our emotionally disturbed and extremely proud cat, and (RIGHT) my sister's ragdoll cat Tia (she lives up to her name as a bit of a princess)


I attended a small Primary School. When I graduated in Grade Six there were about sixty students attending the school. My graduating class had six girls. (Hi there guys!) 

I finished my Psychology degree in 2004 at RMIT Melbourne. I currently plan to take up a graduate entry social work degree next year following my trip around Europe in September

Although I have always had a need for a creative outlet, I have played violin since I was 8yrs old, and achieved Grade 4 with AMEB, drawing is the one that has maintained the most passion. it started with a schoolgirl obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio, about the time of Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet'. I started to draw the posters of the baby-faced star, soon to become obsessed with portraiture itself. My first pictures are dated around 1998 and since then I have attended classes and practiced relentlessly to better my sketches. It helped to motivate me when a portrait ended up with a likeness to the actor or actress I'd drawn. And so I began to draw and draw, and this inevitably led to writing this sentence. I have started this web page to show the world my drawings, 'cause I must admit I do like to show off every now and again. 

See the Drawings link on the navigation bar. Or if you're interested in buying a drawing for yourself go to the Commissions link above.

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