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This is where I intermittently keep a record of things in my life and share my two cents. You can also see my Ancient History for details of 'who I am'.

Record - 2002

October 2002. I'm sure every one has been shocked and horrified by the tragedy in Bali recently. Every one has their own opinions of the reason why such am atrocity occurred, and who is to blame. Those directly effected will probably jump on the first suspect and cry for vengeance, which I can understand completely, but in such a tumultuous time, false accusations is a tension we could do with out. However I also believe that these acts of terror, these acts of violence cannot go unpunished in some form or another.

I was on the train today, and the Herald Sun had a large photograph on its cover of two young couples, around 20, 21 years of age, relaxing in a pool in a Bali hotel. They were healthy and beautiful young people, the heading read 'ALL GONE'. They were all killed in the blast of the car bomb at the night club. I had to try hard to keep my sob inside. To think these men and women had probably saved up for a holiday in Bali, decided to go clubbing for a fun night out, and never got to see the morning.

Despite my most heartfelt sorrow for all my fellow Australians who were victim to this massacre, and to the families who must deal with the loss, I am extremely disappointed that I never heard how many Balinese were killed and how their families are coping. Even if I missed the one time they mentioned it, it sure says something about a country who are only interested in the fate of their own citizens, and not their fellow humans who would have experienced just as much, if not more loss in this tragedy. 

September 2002. I was glancing through the newsagency yesterday, and Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar's wedding photos were on the front cover of Hello! magazine. Now I'm not (that much of) a tabloid person, and I usually get a bit mad at people being so insensitive, prying into other people's private lives, but I recognised some of this trait in myself yesterday. 

I am a huge fan of Buffy, and as a consequence have had an interest in Sarah's life, but I knew that already, and I wasn't too upset by it, but I could not resist staying for ten minutes and reading though the section on their wedding, and looking at the photos, which kind of made me look at myself a little harder. 

I guess we all, as humans, have a natural curiosity for other people's lives, I just hadn't realised I was one of those people who have to see the wedding dress and cake, and take a look at the bridesmaids... :o} ...I feel like a Peeping Tom. I wish them the best of luck though, and I'm sure I'll be peeping at the next milestone in their lives :oP.

August 2002.  I firstly want to thank everyone who has visited my site since the new layout has been up and running, I appreciate it. Feel free to criticise or comment on my site or my drawings through the guestbook, that will hopefully be working stably now.

New semester at Uni, it doesn't feel like I just had a month or more away. Some more interesting lectures and some really boring ones too. Rob Watts' are the most thought provoking, we are studying leading figures in the twentieth century who (really) changed the way everyone thought, including Freud, Einstein and the atrocities that occurred under Hitler and the Russian Communist regime. 

Anyway, I had to take two days off last week, as I have probably come down with glandular fever. Not a very nice virus. Now I have to try and catch up in the subjects I had on those days, which I'm hoping won't be too hard. Matt has been very supportive, while I'm a tired, grumpy, sick person, I got flowers and a teddy to cuddle. I'm so lucky. 

June 2002. Finished one semester, or semester one, of Uni. Thank God. I struggled to get those 2500 word essays in on time, especially when the topics are as interesting as Australian Political Parties' Policies. 

I was stopped on the street the other day, by an advocate of Amnesty International. He was recruiting Human Rights Defenders. Now if there is one thing I've noticed at University, it is the new awareness, and exposure to, causes and plights I had never been fully vigilant about. So my charitable conscious has been perked up of late. For example, I am attempting to buy a copy of the Big Issue each fortnight and it would be nice to buy from different vendors as much as possible, as the vendors get half the profit. These people are employed on the basis that they need a job and are struggling for various reasons; homelessness, disabilities, etc; to get one elsewhere. So this is an easy way for people on the street to assist the situation.

If you are interested, go to the site for their information.

But where was I, Human Rights Defenders, Amnesty International. This seemed a worthwhile cause, I know of their work, so it didn't take much to get me interested. So now I give $10 each month, I go without buying lunch for two days, and I can give some help to the cause. The good thing about it is their focus can change and range all across the spectrum of human rights deprivation, which appeals to me as I discover so many of these horrors in my studies of society, politics and the world. If you want some more info on Human Rights defenders you can go here .

So now I have four weeks to do absolutely nothing. What Bliss. Though I am going away for a week with my boyfriend, (Hi Matt) which I'm sure will be great. And I meant no disrespect that I had no mentioned my boyfriend previously, ('cause I think he was a bit offended :0P).

May 2002.  Well I'm really eighteen now, for a few months actually, and you know I'm still adjusting. I went to Crown Casino in Melbourne last night, and I realised I could actually go on to the gaming floor. Weird. 

A quick update, I work one day a week, so I'm no longer a Sponge in the full sense of the word, I actually do have an income. So I bought new clothes...well I am a female. However, I'm going to keep the name of the site, in memory of those days of guilty sponging.

I began my Psychology studies, and folks, I had been disillusioned about the concept of university. You do have to work, and not once have I had a piss up with my uni friends, though perhaps that's just me. I've made some great friends and I'm coping with traveling for over an hour four times a week so I can fall asleep in lectures. 

My life is actually pretty wonderful right about now, great friends, healthy family and a sound mind. Yay me.

January, 2002.    I am a seventeen year old female, no wait make that eighteen, it's close enough. The reason why I am currently a sponge (yes, hence the title) is I have recently completed my last year of secondary education. This left me feeling a little empty, so I decided to fill my days with, well pretty much nothing.

Therefore I have been sponging of my parents since I finished school in about October last year (2001) as I have been unable, or truthfully, unwilling to find a job. Well that's not true either, I'm not lazy, it's just... Anyway I am unemployed and have guiltily been using my parents as a source of income. I promise I will get a job soon. Hopefully with dad at if it all works to plan. However I'm not a complete lost cause, I will soon be busy once more as I begin studying Psychology at RMIT University. (This is where I discover the roots of my annoyingly sarcastic nature.)