Jessica Slinger Portrait Art

About the Artist

The artist

My name is Jessica Slinger. I was born and raised in the eastern
suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

I have a fairly large family of seven; an older brother, two younger sisters and a younger brother, but since my parents also foster young children the number fluctuates all the time.
(This photo is extended family as well).

I have just celebrated 4 years together with my boyfriend Matt, who is also part of the family.

To add to this, we have a golden retriever, Bailey.

A rather proud, slightly crazy, cat, Jasper.

As well as a ragdoll cat named Tia, who lives up to her name as a princess.

And my sister has rats.

Drawing is my passion, but not my life.
I have a degree in psychology from RMIT University and am undertaking my Social Work degree at Melbourne University.

My other passion is people, which is probably why I draw faces not landscapes.

I have always had a need for a creative outlet, I have played violin since I was 8, I played flute for a couple of years, I have danced and sung in a choir. However, drawing is definitely my biggest creative passion.

Although my early work may have been promising...

I gained more interest in portraiture around 1998. Classmates starting encouraging my work and offering me commissions. A few short courses, some great internet forums and a lot of practice got me to this point, and every drawing helps me learn more. It is a great feeling to be able to share my creations with others.

Please browse my galleries yourself and if you like what you see, you may like to commission a portrait.