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  1. What do I use to draw my pictures?
  2. Where do I find my sources?
  3. Where did I learn to draw?
  4. Can you buy any of my pictures?
  5. Who am I?

What do I use to draw my pictures?

In the drawings dated before about 2002 most of the drawings are on cartridge paper. From here on I used better quality paper that is acid free and of heavier weight and smoother finish. Those in black and white were originally done using normal writing pencils, some are charcoal. These days I use graphite drawing pencils. The full coloured drawings were drawn in Faber-Castel water coloured pencils. The monochrome (one colour) pictures were drawn in Derwent 'drawing' pencils. The later pictures also had blending tools applied to them, such as tortillons, tissues, felt and cotton wool buds.

For more information on a particular drawing don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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Where do I find my sources?

The photos and pictures I use for my drawings come from various places. Originally, before I was a more enthusiastic internet user, most of my drawing material came from magazines. These are still very useful as they are often high quality images and are a good size to draw from. These days, there are so many internet fan sites with high-definition celebrity portraits I cn source most of my material online. I either print out the images or draw directly from the computer. The latter allows me to see greater detail and manipulate the images so I can draw outlines more easily. Non-digital photographs are consequently harder to draw from as they are usually a standard size that is of lower resolution. The more detail you can see, the more detail you can draw. More skilled artists might view this differently.

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Where did I learn to draw ?

I have had a few lessons in art and drawing at school and local community centre. I didn't do art of any kind at school beyond the compulsory subjects in Year 10. I simply practiced, because I enjoyed drawing. 

However recently I have learnt a great deal about drawing techniques. As I had acquired the basics for drawing; dimension, perspective, tone; I could improve my realism. This came from a book by J.D.Hillberry and you can see his work here. Furthermore I came in contact with a lot of artists at a forum who share their artwork and their techniques, which is fantastic for broadening your horizons and as 'support' for artists who are struggling to make their way professionally or as an amateur. 

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Can you buy any of my pictures ?

None of the drawings in my galleries are for sale. However you can commission me for your own portrait. This can be a wonderful gift for any sort of occasion; birthdays, anniversaries or to remind someone how special they are to you. It's simple, you send me a photo(s) of someone and I create a pencil portrait. If you are interested, or you think a friend might be, go here for further details.

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Who am I?

My name is Jessica Slinger. I reside in Victoria, Australia. I am not a professional artist, I am studying Social Work, I simply love to draw, and don't like to keep this to myself.

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