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The artist


Prices for a drawing with more than head and shoulders, or perhaps a more complicated background, can be arranged and cost will be appropriated on view of the photograph and in consultation with you. These additions can take a substantial amount of time which is the reason for the standard described below and why the extras incur a further cost.


Please Note: Postage and Handling is not included in this cost. This will be considered in regard to your location upon ordering.
One figure; Head and Shoulders: (e.g. 'Little Jessie' below)
21cm x 30cm 8" x 12"
A3    30cm x 42cm 12" x 16.5" $140.00

Additional figures for any size $35.00
All prices are in Australian dollars.

What you get...

Each portrait is drawn on 100% acid free paper of a medium-  to heavy-weight with a smooth finish for a quality, long-lasting gift.

Using graphite pencils and charcoal I will produce a unique portrait of your child, spouse, parents or other loved ones including your pets (see 'Toby' below).
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Capturing the essence of the person is the most important aspect of a portrait when I draw. The drawing you get will not, cannot be and perhaps should not be an exact replica of the photograph.

Little Jessie - January 2003 

In some cases some artistic license will be necessary to realize a more realistic product, in others my artistic abilities only go so far,  and not every photograph is equal as material for a pencil portrait.

 As an artist I am still learning and therefore improving on every drawing so I hope your satisfaction will be met. To achieve this, follow the next instructions for best results.

What you do...

First of all you need to choose and send me one or more photos, often multiple photos will help.

You can send me your photos by post (or perhaps copies of photos if you want to minimise damage to your originals).  Otherwise you can email me a JPEG image to [email protected]. All photos can be returned along with your portrait upon completion.

On receipt of your photos I will reply in regard to the photo's capabilities as a portrait and further discuss your hopes for the portrait including size, pricing, and delivery.

The photo can be either black- and-white or full colour, I can work equally well with both. (See examples) . Optimum photos are generally those taken in natural light - sunlight, without a flash - otherwise  shadows that define the face are often washed away, leaving a flat image to work with.

The larger the photo the more detail I can ascertain from the image, however this is not a requirement, a portrait can still be drawn from a passport photo.

Baby Ben - November 2002.

The photo you choose should be one that depicts the subject best. Remember I can only draw what I see. If you don't think the photo looks like the subject than the portrait won't look like them either.

On the same note, the more photos you send me the better feel for the subject I can gain. The samples you see on this page may not be exactly like the photo, but the recipients were very happy that the portraits captured the subject well.

      Finally, I will need to see the photo before I can be sure I can draw it as a portrait, things like blurry photos are generally no good. I would have to ask you to choose another photograph in these circumstances.

Until further notice, cheque or cash are the only methods of  payment available.

A 20% deposit is required after we have agreed on a photo(s) for the portrait and
before drawing commences.

 Besides securing my time and your genuine interest in the portrait, this deposit ensures the best materials can be used for your gift. The remainder of the price can then be sent following completion of the portrait.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If possible I would hope to keep in contact with you throughout the drawing process. Scans at various stages can be emailed to you to assure your approval of the final product.

Furthermore,  I would like to scan and send you the end result before delivery of the original drawing. If you are not happy with this scanned outcome (although the scanned image is not always truly accurate to reality)  then you will not have to pay the rest of the payment, (but you will also not receive the portrait). 

This is my satisfaction guarantee:
If you are not happy with the portrait, you don't have to pay anymore than the original 20% deposit.

Toby - December 2003


Main source shown - September 2002

The time in which you will receive the portrait, following an order being placed, will vary according to a number of  factors:

How long your drawing will take is the first factor.  I aim for 10 hours total drawing time, but this may be over a period of two to three weeks. However  a time-span can not be guaranteed and not always accurately estimated even after your order has been placed.

If my work load is light, the second factor,  you may have your portrait earlier  than expected. If I have you in constant contact the time-span, and the drawing, can be updated throughout the drawing process.  If you need the drawing by a certain time (e.g. a birthday, anniversary etc.) you must give me at least one month notice, to ensure delivery can be made on time.

The portrait will be delivered to you unframed to allow you to match the gift to the surrounding decor of where it will be placed.

Postage will be made with the portrait rolled in a secure post cylinder for maximum care, if no other arrangements are made.

Delivery costs will be determined according to your location.