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              Europe Sep-Nov 2005


On a day trip from Nice, we stopped by the casino in the pristine Monte Carlo.
We made sure our passports were stamped at the second-smallest independent
state in the world, after Vatican City.

Exploring the Olympic stadium or enjoying one of Gaudí's weird and wonderful creations like the work in progress La Sagrada Família. With a great night life and friendly vibe, Barcelona went quickly to the favourite list.

On our way to the Royal Palace to check out some impressive Spanish armour Matt got friendly with this guy.
Though somewhat nauseating, our tour of the bull ring, Las Ventas, was definitely interesting.

Our time in Bordeaux was another chance to slow down.
The local fair provided some evening entertainment, seen here on the ferris wheel.

A day trip to St. Emilion enabled us to purchase some amazing wine, and just look at that view.

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